Travel boxes - with brass pans.  Allows a slimmer box and a bespoke service.  Maximum of 15 pans.
Can also be ordered with less pans, and different sizes of pans....using the same size of box overall.
The size and shapes can be altered to suit your needs.

Studio Boxes Update - From the 1st October 2017, studio boxes are being upgraded. Pan variations will be possible, utilising the same basic box size and shape.  The new design is currently in production. Here is the pan set below, it is a production image.

Example. The pan set of 18 pans with 2 mixing wells removes from the box as a whole. The lid will be divided into to 2 big mixing areas. Pan variations are possible. Maximum number of pans is 18. You can have less pans and thus increase the pigment storage.  Box closed size is approx 8.5" x 3.5".  A very large box for the studio big brush work.  Price range of studio boxes start from £390

* The studio "tray" shown here could be ordered without the rest of the box....and left in the studio.  Without the rest of the box the cost would be £255.  Mixing areas are 70x65mm.

Studio box tray

Studio box tray


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