Please read all this page before ordering.
Site top menu gives quick links to the main groups of boxes.  Boxes with Plastic Wholepans or Halfpans and Brass pan Travel boxes.  Plastic pans can be fixed-in or removable*.  
These types are shown here below.

Choosing a new box....  Some points to consider:

  • What do you need from your box? - and just as important, what can you do without? 
  • Focus your choices on the most valuable box features for you.
  • Is weight a consideration?  Will you travel with the box?
  • Interchanging pans, do you need flexibility to change pan colours?  Interchanging pans are now available, please ask for details.

ALL pans accept paint poured from tubes, this is the intended use. 
Box lid closure.
Lids fit neatly when closed up to the box base, lids do not "grip close".  No risk of the lid binding tight.
Making and timing.
Waiting times vary. I will give an approximate wait time based on all the work booked in before you. Your patience is appreciated.

Some boxes have domes on mixing wells, they are seamless - pressed out of a single piece of brass. They help pool the liquid being shallow domes.  Any domed area can be made flat if you wish.

A shallow colour pan in brass has a lower profile and makes for easier brush access, take a look on the bespoke page.  A 20mm square pan @ 7mm depth is almost the same volume as a plastic whole pan, but it is more ergonomic.

Plan the box and sizes out on a piece of paper.  Plot it all out and cut the box shape out and hold it.  Wander a brush over it and imagine working, you'll soon get the idea of the sizes. If you are replacing an old tin box or plastic palette then the task will be easier as one of the designs should be close.  If not, you can always go down the completely bespoke route.