Here are useful links to sites which are interesting or make my artist life that little bit easier and hopefully yours too.

Click on the images to go to the websites.

Jackson's kindly sponsor travel brushes to use with Classic Paintboxes.

They supply artists world wide and I find them very reliable indeed.

WELCOME 10.....New customers, receive a 10% discount on your first order!  Quote "welcome 10" when ordering.


Joseph Zbukvic is a widely respected artist and probably my favourite.  You can buy his DVD's from many stockists and from Jackson's above.

Joseph is an absolute master and not to be missed.

Book.  The Ultimate Mixing Palette: a World of Colours.  By Jane Blundell

Accomplished artist and teacher in Australia who has written several book.  In depth analysis of colour mixing.

Gerard Hendriks is an artist in Netherlands.  He uses a large paintbox of mine and creates wonderfully colourful watercolours, Delightful.  He conducts workshops too, check them out.

Paul Talbot-Greaves is a UK professional artist.  Very interesting website, work and artist. Lots to view and inspire.