Welcome!  Please watch the video above & read all info below before ordering


Box designs are made to order, add or remove flaps or mixing domes and pan numbers... etc.  Please ask.

Order a box with plastic pans ( changeable or fixed ) or Brass pans ( fixed )  
Changable plastic pan upgrade from £45 *  Includes a second set of pans. Other paint maker pans will not fit.
If you wish to use a particular paint maker pans, please ask me.

ALL pan types accept paint poured from tubes, this is the intended use. 
Box lid closure -  Lids fit neatly on to the box base, lids do not "grip close".  No risk of the lid binding tight.
Waiting times vary. Ask for approximate wait time, based on all the work booked in before you. Your patience is much appreciated.

Some boxes have domes in mixing wells, they are seamless - pressed out of a single piece of brass. They help to pool the liquid being shallow domes.  Any domed area can be made flat if you wish.

LATEST NEWS.........

The newly redesigned studio box range is now available!  Configure the pan number and size as you wish.The box shown is pictured with a large brush and 15ml tube of paint.  The box is approx. 9 inches long.