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Brass Pans.  Unique service, brass pans can be made in different sizes and configurations.

Plastic Pans - Interchangeable. Use either Halfpan or Wholepan / mixture of both.  
Pans lift out and push in. Arrange pans how you want them.
( Other paint maker pans will not fit - advise me if you want to use another plastic pan maker )

All box designs can be increased in size to include more pans, please ask. 
Both types of pans accept paint poured from tubes, this is the intended use. 
Lids do not "grip close", no risk of the lid binding tight.
Some boxes have lids with shallow domes, they help pool the liquid.  Any box design with a domed lid can be made as a flat lid box.  Combine some box features?... just ask.

Waiting times vary seasonally, please ask for the approximate wait time. Your patience is much appreciated.

I have been making my brass paintboxes for many years now and they are in daily use all around the world by professional and amateur artists. They all enjoy the benefits of using a paintbox design chosen and made specially for them.
Having a paintbox just the way you want it greatly enhances ease of painting, and of course the pleasure of making beautiful watercolours.
I have been a watercolourist for over 40 years since my design student days in the 1970’s and use my own brass box, which is a lovely way to unwind from this hectic modern life.

If there is anything which is not allowing you to plan, choose or order a box, please do send me an email and I will be happy to help.

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