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For selection convenience the boxes are split into three main groups.  However, all my brass paintboxes can be ordered with a different pan type if you prefer.

Brass Pans.  Ultimate bespoke service, brass pans can be made in different sizes and configurations.
Plastic Pans - fully interchangeable. Use Halfpan / Wholepan / mixture of both.  
Pans lift out and push in. Arrange pans how you wish!
( Other paint maker pans will not fit - advise me if you want to use another plastic pan maker )

All box designs can be increased in size to include more pans, please ask. 
Both types of pans accept paint poured from tubes, this is the intended use. 
Lids do not "grip close", no risk of the lid binding tight.
Some boxes have lids with shallow domes, they help pool the liquid.  Any box design with a domed lid can be made as a flat lid box.  Combine some box features?... just ask.

Waiting times vary seasonally, please ask for approximate wait time. Your patience is much appreciated

LATEST NEWS.........

June 2018..... The Petite Box has been upgraded.  The box is 10mm longer to allow the new tray type for both WP and HP plastic pans, as outlined above.
Every artist uses two or three colours faster than others.  Now you can use WP's or HP's in all plastic pan boxes .  
* 18 HP can still be used, leaving some free tray space.

Other HP boxes on the Halfpan box page will be upgraded in the same way.

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